Ensuring Quality

Our motto

Quality is a primary consideration when undertaking any project. The quality of your publications - be they advertising copy, user manuals or software - will influence a client's impression of your company. A poor publication or translation will at best convey a bad impression, at worst provide incorrect, misleading or ambiguous information.

To ensure that I am able to meet all of a client's needs, I follow the procedure below for all translation projects:

Before agreeing to undertake any translation project, I ensure that I understand my client's needs and requirements.

I then analyse the project to establish whether I have the required expertise, subject knowledge and resources to undertake the work.

Throughout the project, I remain in close contact with the client, keeping him informed of progress and seeking clarification about technical and administrative issues where required.

After its completion, a translation is revised by the translator and, if it is intended for publication, may be revised again by a second qualified translator. In the course of revising, the following points are checked: grammar, style, ease of comprehension, spelling & punctuation, consistency of terminology, completeness & conformance with source text, figures, units, etc. and layout (if applicable).

The translation is then submitted for approval. At this point it is advisable for the client to have the translation reviewed in the target country, for example by an office or agent in the country.

After making any requested changes, the final copy is submitted.